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Thought of the month


           This month’s article will be short and simple.  Since this is the rainy time of year it’s a good time to think about visibility.  Think about the last time it rained anyou were driving.  Did you say to yourself, “I have to get new wipers”?  That happens a lot.  Then the next day the sun comes out and you forget. 

            Just so you know wipers only last a few months, six months maximum.  With all the pollen in the air, they create a sandpaper effect on the windshield and wear out faster.   Do yourself a favor and change them now.  The next time it rains, you’ll thank yourself.

            One other thing I wanted to remind you is to change your cabin air filter.  Many cars have them now.  It’s a small element that filters the air that comes through your cars air conditioning and heater system.  It should be changed at least every two years.  Scroll down to see a picture of a filter that I took out of a customer’s car.  I won't give you his/her name to protect the innocent.  It was the original filter and was in the car for six years.  On the back of the filter was mold.  A dirty filter can give off a musty odor.  So do you think it’s a good idea to change it regularly?  I do.

            Be good to your car and yourself so you can see better and breath better. 


   Dirty cabin air filter

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